Displaying dashboard on a TV screen

TV mode is a special mode of UI that is optimised for viewing content in an office TV or big monitor. You can activate the TV mode on the setup menu.

In this mode, excess UI elements such as tool icons are removed and the screen title and the board name are shown in a more visible font. That way, the UI will be more readable from a distance. Auto-rotation is turned on so that a screen will automatically switch to another once per two minutes. 

                Dashboard in TV mode

                Dashboard in TV mode

After activating the TV mode, make sure to switch your browser to fullscreen or presentation mode so that the browser address bar gets hidden too. 

Clicking any part of the UI exits the TV mode. You can launch Screenful directly to TV mode by adding the parameter 'mode=tv' in the end of the URL e.g. 


Tip: You can skip the login screen by constructing a shareable link to your dashboard.

Tip: You can rotate your own content along with Screenful dashboard by using a digital signage software such as ScreenCloud.

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