Doing sprints in Trello

Trello does not have built-in support for Scrum process. However you can use its core features to represent Scrum artifacts like product and sprint backlogs, time estimates, and time-boxed sprints. 

The screenshot below shows an example Scrum board in Trello.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 22.05.12.png

The columns in this board from left-to-right are:

Sprint backlog
In the beginning of the sprint, all the cards scheduled for the sprint are in the sprint backlog list. During the sprint cards are moved from left to right, and if everything goes as planned, all the cards are in the Done column when the sprint ends.

There must be least one column to represent the work in progress. Depending on your workflow, there can be multiple in progress columns such as In Review or Waiting for deployment. Before starting a sprint, you should have mapped all your in progress states using the workflow mapping tool

There must be at least one column to represent completed work. Depending on your workflow, there may be multiple completed columns such as Done or Closed. Your Done list(s) should be empty before starting a new sprint. 

Starting a new sprint

Make sure that the Sprint burndown slide is enabled in the dashboard settings in the setup menu by going to Settings ► Dashboard.

To start a new sprint, go to chart settings and enter the sprint details:

  • Sprint name - will be shown as the sprint name in the burndown chart
  • Sprint backlog - can be any list on your Trello board, including those that you haven't mapped in the workflow mapping
  • Done list - can be any list on your Trello board, including those that you haven't mapped in the workflow mapping
  • Sprint start date - first day of the sprint
  • Sprint end date - last day of the sprint
  • Burn unit - burn unit can be either task count or estimate

Start the sprint by clicking Start sprint.

That's it! Once you start completing your tasks, you'll get a nice sprint burndown chart to share with your team. 

In order for the sprint burndown chart to work properly

  • The sprint done list must be empty when the sprint is started
  • Completed tasks must stay on the sprint done list until the sprint is stopped
  • If you want to track story points instead of task count, you can assign estimates to tasks.


Completing a sprint

A sprint is completed by clicking the Stop sprint button

Archive the cards in the "Done" list before starting a new sprint but do not archive the list itself!

If you'd rather keep your cards for the later referral, you can also move cards from the "Done" list to another list e.g. "Done week xx" that you can then keep on the board.

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