Creating a workflow in Asana

In order to use Screenful your Asana boards have to exhibit a flow of tasks through at least three states.

  1. Not started - work that has not yet been started
  2. In progress - work that has been started but not completed
  3. Done - work that has been completed 

There can naturally be more than three lists on your board. For example you can have states like "in planning", "in review" etc. 

You can freely name your lists to whatever you like. Screenful understands which of the three main states your columns represent as long as you have mapped them using the workflow mapping tool

Below is a sample Asana board

In the above board, there are two columns that contain tasks that are not started yet: Backlog and Ready to do. Those represent the Not started state. 

Once the work is started on a task, the card is moved to the In Progress column, That represents the In progress state. 

Once work is completed, the task is moved to the Done list, which represents the Done state. 

Note: If you change the column structure of the board afterwards, you should update the workflow mapping accordingly. 

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