Hungry for data? Getting more data to your dashboard is now easier than ever


The more the merrier as they say. We’ve heard you and we’ve now made it easier to add more data to your dashboard. If you have multiple teams, or use multiple boards within a single team, tracking one board or project won’t give you the full picture of where your development is heading. You need to track them all.

First of all, we’ve added a new quick add button to the main menu containing shortcuts for adding things of all kinds - dashboards, screen, people, custom charts. Now you can find them all behind a one button:


Easily add new data sources to your dashboard

You can now easily add more data sources to your existing dashboards by selecting Add new data source from the quick add menu. When you select it, a window opens that allows you to choose from the sources that you have already added to your dashboard.


To add a new source to the list, click the add new data source link. You’ll be prompted to authorise your tool. Once you’re through the authorisation process, you get to choose which screens in your dashboard should get this new data source:


Once you click Save and return to dashboard, you’ll be forwarded to the same screen from where you started the process, and you can see that the new source is added to that screen.


New dashboards start with three months of data

Previously, when you created a new dashboard, you got one month of data history. We’ve now increased that to three months. So when you create a new dashboard, your charts can show data up to three months in the past.

We’ve also implemented a new mechanism for keeping you informed about the data loading process. When new dashboard is created, or when you manually refresh data on an existing dashboard by clicking Refresh now from the main menu, a spinner icon appears on the top right corner of your dashboard:

When you hover the mouse over the spinner icons, a modal opens showing the status of the data loading process.


From this modal you can see the status of data update of each data source. The ones that have already been loaded are shown in green. The ones currently in progress are shown in white. If there is a problem loading a data source, you’ll see it in red here. The icon disappears once all data sources are loaded and you charts are updated with fresh data.

While the loading is in progress you can use all the features in your dashboard and you can freely ignore the spinner. But in case you really want to know whether your data is up to date, you can take a peek by hovering your mouse over the spinner.

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Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter @sl1nna