Introducing new side menu and progress bars!


Our mission is to help you to track the progress of your projects and what would be a better way to show progress than with progress bars! Now you have them. The first place we've introduced them is the task status report in the sprint view.

You can now see the progress of each team member in the current sprint as the percentage of work completed. In addition to the number of tasks or points in Not started / In progress / Done in the right column, you'll also see the visual progress bar chart showing the percentage of work completed per individual team member. 


We've also redesigned our menu structure. Now you can access all the features from the new side menu that slides in when you click the menu icon on the top right corner:


You have all the same features available that you had previously but in a more usable way. Most importantly, we've placed the dashboard selection menu as the topmost item in the menu so that you can easily switch between your dashboards. 

To change the settings in the currently viewed screen, click Configure this view from the menu. An overlay window will open with settings specific for that screen. 


The bottom bart of the menu is reserved for notifications. Whenever there's something that you should be aware of, like in case of errors, you'll be shown a message with a link for more information.

You can also see when the data was last updated (it will update automatically once per hour) and you can trigger update anytime by clicking refresh now link. 


These features are immediately available for all of our SaaS users (refresh your browser if you don't see the changes). If you're using the Docker version, you'll be informed once the upgrade is available. 

Let us know at if you have questions or feedback. To stay on the loop, read our blog, or follow us on twitter



Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter @sl1nna