Screenful now available on the Atlassian Marketplace!

Apr 11, 2017

We’re proud to announce that Screenful Metrics for JIRA is now available on the Atlasssian Marketplace. With this add-on, you can get the Screenful dashboards right inside your JIRA user interface. That’s right, there’s no need for switching from one UI to another when you want to access your Screenful metrics and dashboards.

You'll get all the same features when using Screenful via the add-on including:

  • Burndown charts for your sprints

  • Metrics to track your lead and cycle times

  • Burnup charts to track your releases

  • Time in State chart to pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow 

  • Weekly email digests

You can purchase Screenful Metrics for JIRA Cloud directly from inside your JIRA UI, through a one-click process after your 30 days trial ends. The purchase process for Screenful Metrics for JIRA Cloud is the same as purchasing any of the Atlassian Marketplace add-ons.

To install Screenful from the Atlassian Marketplace, select Add-ons from the settings menu:

You'll be forwarded to the Marketplace. Enter 'screenful metrics' to the search box to find the right add-on. Click install to start your free 30 day trial.

Once you're through the installation process, you'll notice that there's a link added to the top bar of the JIRA UI, which opens the Screenful dashboard.

In addition, whenever you go to any of your agile or kanban boards, there's a new icon Agile Metrics added to the left menu:

Clicking the icon opens the dashboard for that specific board. 

What's also new with this add-on is that now you can consolidate your billing so that you can pay the Screenful license as part of your Atlassian bill. That means you can handle Screenful licenses and payments directly via your Atlassian account. 

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This article was written by Sami Linnanvuo

Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter.