Inviting users

Team members can be invited under the Account ► Manage users. To get started, select Account from the menu:

Select Manage users tab from the window that opens. You'll see a list of users and their roles. Click a user name to to edit details or to change the password. 

Click Invite user to invite new user. Enter email address to send an invitation email. There are two different user roles available:

Member - Can change settings and manage users and plans
Observer - Cannot change settings or manage users or plans

Notice that the invited user will have access to all non-restricted dashboards in the account. For restricted dashboards, access must be given explicitly for the invited user. Lean more about User access and permissions.

Invited user will receive an invitation email. 

Before user has taken an action to complete the registration, a status 'pending' is shown in the users list for that user.

You can resend the invitation by clicking Re-send invitation in the user details at Account ► Manage users ► [click user name]