How To: Find Outliers And Tasks That Need Your Attention

Outliers can represent events that can cause a work overload or lack of resources for your team, resulting in a possible delay on your project.

There are certain ways to visualize information in order to identify tasks that need your attention. As an example, it would be beneficial for you to oversee all tasks that have completed while overdue or on time. This helps you identify what is delaying your team from completing tasks on time, and act proactively to solve it.


Another way to identify outliers is to know which tasks are taking too long to get done or have been reopened. This can give you an early heads up on what could become an overdue task, which eventually could cause a delay.


Note: If you want to use the due or overdue options, make sure you add a due date when you create the task in your selected project management tool.

By knowing what is slowing down your team and what needs your attention, you can act accordingly and solve problems that could affect the execution of your project. Our Task Status screen can help you achieve that.

All the information displayed in your Task Status screen is clickable, meaning that you can see all tasks within each of the selected states.


You can personalize the view of your Task Status screen by going to Configure this view ▶ Settings under the main menu.

Then, select how you would like the information to be shown (1) and group it accordingly in the following way:

Group data by: How you want to see the data. This will be displayed on the left column

Unit: The unit you want to track. You can select between Task Count or Estimates

Sort: Choose to see the most recent tasks first or alphabetically


After selecting everything, click on Save to conclude the process.

You’re all set!