How To: Track Your Team’s Velocity

Velocity is a measure of the amount of work a team completes during a specific period of time.

When you create a dashboard in Screenful, your team’s velocity is reported on the following screens:

Completed Tasks Chart

The main place to track your team’s velocity is the Completed Tasks screen:  

  1. Breakdown: See the velocity of each team member

  2. Done: All done tasks during the specified time period

  3. Trend Line: Shows the team’s total velocity over time. For example, you can see increases and decreases in velocity

Velocity per week, month, quarter

The weekly, monthly and quarterly breakdowns provide you with bar charts showing the team’s velocity over time.

Completed Tasks.png

Milestone Burnup Chart

When you create a dashboard, you have access to the Milestone Burnup screen. This chart allows you to see how much work is done vs. how much work is left, as well as a forecast based on your team’s past velocity.

At the bottom-right section, you can see the trend of the amount of work completed per calendar week from the past 10 weeks (1).


You can also see your team’s velocity per week in the Velocity section (2). This chart provides you with the average, highest and lowest velocity from the last 10 calendar weeks.

You have now covered the most important aspects when monitoring your team’s velocity. Great job!