How to group and filter task data

Data can be grouped and filtered in all of your screens.

When you are grouping, you are putting together information that tasks have in common.

When you choose to filter data, you are setting a number of conditions so that only certain data is displayed, making it easier to focus on specific information.


Grouping options can be found in the Open Tasks and Completed Tasks screens within your dashboard.


You can group and visualize your data by label, assignee, source or custom fields as shown on the screenshot. More grouping options might be available depending on the tool you are using (Trello, Jira, Asana, Github, Pivotal Tracker).

Grouping is also available in the Task Status screen and can be changed at Configure this viewGroup data under the main menu.



You can find the filtering feature by going to Menu Adjust filter .


Filtering by Label is the most common option as it’s available in all screens. Here, you can select what labels to include when selecting tasks for your dashboard.


Filter by Assignee allows you to select which team member’s tasks you want to see on that specific screen.


When filtering by Date Range, you can select data from a certain time period.


Once you’ve adjusted the filter settings, clicking View will update the content only for you. If you want to set this filter as the default for all users, click on Apply for all users.