Backend Developer (node.js)

Screenful is a data analytics & visualisation startup located in Helsinki. We develop cutting edge dashboard technology that is used by the leading companies globally. Our visual dashboards are currently used by hundreds of customers in 40+ different countries.  

In the news: Nordic Angel Program Syndicate Invests €115k into Screenful

We are now looking for a Backend Developer to join our team. Do you have a passion for creating highly available, user friendly software using agile development processes and lean thinking? Do you enjoy working with large data sets that needs to be managed under a heavy load? If you answered yes, this might be your opportunity to be part of a top notch team creating an exceptional software product. 

Skills we are looking for
- Fluent in Node.js or some other backend technology (Go, Java)
- Experienced in developing web applications
- Fluent in SQL and experienced with database tuning
- Experienced with cloud environments such as AWS, Heroku or GCP
- Familiar with DevOps tool chains and continuous integration

An ideal candidate can think abstractly in terms of framework and patterns and can pick the right tool for the right job. You embrace simple solutions over complex ones in solving problems but are not afraid of attacking even the hardest ones when needed. 

You may work full time or part time. Remote working is also possible. We're flexible as long as we can ensure smooth flow of communication. We're profitable, backed by investors, and ready to move to the next phase of growth. And yes, we have an options program for new employees. 

Interested? Send your CV with a cover letter to