Web analytics / Product analytics wizard

Screenful is a data analytics & visualisation startup based in Helsinki. Our analytics tools and visual dashboards are currently used by hundreds of customers in 40+ countries.   

We are now looking for a Web analytics / Product analytics wizard to join our team. Do you have a passion for creating user friendly products using agile development processes and lean thinking? Do you enjoy building world class SaaS service using the latest methods and tools? Do you believe that analytics plays a key role in that process? If you answered yes, this might be your opportunity to be part of a top notch team creating an exceptional software product. 

Skills we are looking for

  • Google services (Google Analytics, AdWords, AdSense)
  • Landing page optimization (working with multiple landing pages)
  • Search engine optimization, link building & social media
  • Conversion funnel tracking and optimization (visit->freemium-> free trial->paid)
  • Product analytics i.e. what our users are doing in our product?
  • User on boarding messaging, analytics, and optimization

You have some experience of web analytics with tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Insights or the like. You understand the various ways how traffic is generated online. Maybe you've run a service of your own or you've been working in a similar position before. Experience of product analytics tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, or Intercom is a plus. We are interested in all applicants regardless of seniority - expert, advanced, junior, or even trainee. You don’t have to be a wizard yet but if you’re looking to be one, this job might be the right for you. Don’t hesitate to apply if online analytics is your passion.

You may work full time or part time. Remote working is also possible. We're flexible as long as we can ensure smooth flow of communication. 

Interested? Send your CV with a cover letter to jobs@screenful.com

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