Screenful takes data out of the tools and visualises it on big screens


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Project status at a glance

Project status at a glance

A Finnish startup, Screenful, has launched a service that enables easy sharing of key business information via big screens. 

In IT projects, the communication of project progress is broken. There’s plenty of data collected by the tools that the team uses but not everyone logs into those tools on a daily basis. That creates information silos. 

Screenful CEO Sami Linnanvuo says, “We wanted to take the data out of the tools and put it on a wall so that people can’t avoid seeing it. A large display that provides timely and relevant information gets the attention that drives people to focus on common goals." 

Screenful was born out of frustration to current project communication practises. Companies are generating data in an accelerating pace but still the managers are unable to answer the questions that should be written in their forehead: In what type of activities are your employees spending their time on? What is the likelihood of completing a project in time? Where are the bottlenecks?

In harsh economic times companies strive to be lean and avoid wasteful activities. The use of visual management exposes work so that teams can start looking for incremental ways to improve. The concept dates back several decades when companies like Toyota introduced "war rooms" with walls covered in visual representations to steer projects. 

So far the use of big screens in the offices have been limited to meeting rooms. But the team behind Screenful believes that such screens can have even more important role in communicating status and visualising progress in the hallways, and in the rooms where the work gets done. 

Their current customers include system integrators, media companies, and telcos, such as Elisa, a leading mobile operator, who uses technology to track and visualise their customer support process. 


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