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Get automated productivity insights from your GitHub data and share them with ease

The Analytics & Reports by Screenful is an easy-to-use analytics tool for


Create charts and reports, and share them via email or Slack. Use the TV mode to set up on rotation on a big display at the office.

Get instant insights from your GitHub data

Create powerful charts and reports from your GitHub data. Track individual boards or combine data from multiple boards into interactive charts. Filter based on any property. Track any of your custom fields, see correlations and analyse trends.

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Advanced charting with multiple metrics

Track multiple metrics at once with the dual axis line chart or the multi-bar chart. Set filter for each metric separately and mix and match with any of your custom fields.

Create stunning reports and share them with ease

Add any chart to a report, and add text annotations with an easy to use reports editor. Pick any of the issue properties as the report columns. Filter by issue status such as overdue, blocked, reopened, completed on time or completed overdue.

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User-friendly visual editor

An easy to use editor allows you to configure custom charts, including line charts, dual axis line charts, bar charts, scatter plot charts, and list view chart. Pick from predefined options from menus, no need for learning complex queries.

Once you've created a chart, you can easily share it with others via dashboards or scheduled report

Forecast your progress

See work delivery forecasts based on your past performance. Switch between the optimistic, likely, and pessimistic scenarios. Instead of guesswork, use real data for better project forecasting.

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Send to dashboard

Any of your custom charts can be assigned to a dashboard. From there, you can share them with anyone using the public share links, or set on rotation on the office TV.

Loved by industry leaders

  • Screenful was best in every category. It beautifully and simply highlights key agile metrics for our whole in-office team and any visiting stakeholders.

    Jesse Fewell

    Agile coach, writer, trainer

    I love Screenful for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration to multiple data sources. The customer service is outstanding; they provided exceptional support whenever we needed it!

    Tasnia Rehnuma Mahmud

    Project Coordinator at Fashion Snoops

    Outright best reporting tool. We have tried many different ones over the past 2 years, and none of them beats Screenful. The ability to build custom reports provides amazing capabilities for agile teams.

    Akaki Meladze

    Director of Engineering at Singular

    Using visual boards without metrics misses the whole point of improving performance. Screenful is a must have tool for our Kanban.

    Jaxon Klein

    CEO & Co-founder at Keyo Inc.

    We've been using Screenful for 13 months now and we can't say enough good things about it. The insight we have is invaluable to us and has helped us keep the delivery capacity at a steady temperature.

    Fabien Arcellier

    CTO & Co-founder at Stackeo

    Screenful is a wonderful visualization tool that I use to illustrate to organizations why they should relentlessly focus on reducing lead time & cycle time, understand cumulative flow and decompose work.

    Patrick Ingram

    Enterprise Agility Consultant

    Accenture is working with Screenful to roll out best practice agile metrics in minutes - allowing our world class delivery teams to be led by data.

    Kit Friend

    Business & Technology Innovation Senior Principle, Accenture UK

    Screenful allows me to easily identify where I am spending time so that I can ensure I'm working on the right things. The weekly email is a great summary delivered right to my phone

    Andy Wheeldon

    Agile coach

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Automated project reporting made easy for everyone

The award-winning data visualization tool that fits the needs of all stakeholders

How could we deliver more while keeping the quality high?

What are the highest priority tasks I should be focusing on next?

What is the status of our project – will it be delivered on time?

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Which sales channels are driving the most revenue for us?

Are there any trends in our deals pipeline that I should be aware of?

"Really good looking views and easy setup. Ideal for providing open visibility for the progress across the company."


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Does this support my specific workflow or do I have to use some specific states like "open", "in progress" and "done"?
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