Aggregate charts and a new screen! This is what we released this month.

March 16, 2017 

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.56.24.png

We have a BIG release to share with you. First of all, you can now consolidate data from multiple Trello/Jira/Pivotal boards into a single chart to get aggregated metrics across multiple projects or teams. You’ll find the new aggregation feature in the screen settings. Just go to any of your charts and click the Settings icon, you’ll notice that there’s a new Sources tab, which allows you to select the data sources for the screen. Read our blog post about the aggregation feature for details.

But that’s not all. We’ve also released a new screen, which allows you to slice and dice your tasks and get answers to questions like:

  • “How many tasks have been completed per board during the last two weeks?"
  • “How many tasks have been in progress more than 10 days per board?"
  • “Who in my team have tasks overdue?"

In addition to seeing the totals, you can also drill in to see the individual tasks behind the numbers! Read the blog post about the new Tasks Status screen and check out this video which demonstrates this new screen in action.

The new Task Status screen will be included in all new dashboards, and you can add it to your existing dashboards by enabling it at Settings  Dashboard under the setup menu.

Now that you have more options for customising your screens, you might want to have multiple instances of them in your dashboard. You've got it! Learn more about how to mix & match screens from multiple sources into a single dashboard.

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