Reorder screens, explore, and click through to see individual tasks 

Jul 19, 2017 

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.56.24.png

Before you head to a well-earned holiday (we hope), we wanted to update you about the latest additions to our product. The main theme in this release was the addition of explorative features to allow you to dig deeper into the data by clicking things in the UI. 

Together with the previously released filtering and sources support, this release brings us a step further in our mission to bring you the best possible tools to help you to find that perfect report. 

Explore data with the new Group by menus

You can easily switch between groupings without having to edit the chart settings. The Open Tasks and Competed Tasks screens now comes with a menu that allows you to change the grouping. 

Click-through to see cycle times of individual tasks

Wanna dig deeper than total counts? Click through to see individual tasks behind the numbers. You can explore your cycle time data further by clicking the date ranges. They'll turn to clickable links on mouse over. 

Hover your mouse over an individual time range to click through to see numbers. 

Clicking on a date range opens a list of individual tasks behind the numbers. Here's an example of cycle time < 1 day list.  

This list shows you the tasks that were completed within 24 hours since the work was started. You can see the cycle time of each individual task in the right column. To see tasks that took longer to complete, click any of the other time ranges. 

Click-through to see tasks for any individual assignee

Whenever you see a profile picture in the UI, you can click-through to see tasks for that individual person. See which tasks are currently in progress, which were completed most recently, and which are not yet started. Give it a try on your daily scrums or sprint reviews!


You can now reorder screens as well

Last but not least, you can now reorder the screens in your dashboard. You can find this feature at Settings -> Dashboard -> Reorder screens

Drag & drop the boxes to reorder screens in your dashboard. 

For those using the on-prem version, Screenful 2.3 is now available on Docker Hub. You can pull it from the screenfulorg/screenful repo

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do! Have a great summer and contact us any time at if you have questions or feedback. To stay on the loop, read our blog, or follow us on twitter