We just shipped the Weekly Digest with Slack integration!

February 11, 2016

We're happy to introduce you a major upgrade to your Screenful experience with the release of our new Digest feature, which essentially opens a whole new channel (or two actually) to communicate and share your project status information. Here's a teaser to what it looks like:

Screenful Digest is a weekly update of your team status delivered to your email and to your chat tool (Slack to begin with). We think that that the information should come to you, and not the vice versa. That has been one of our core principles since the beginning, and that's why we love the concept of information radiator so much. But that was just the first step, we never wanted to stick with one UI but rather wanted to unlock your data so that it can flow freely. Digest is a key enabler in that goal, and we'd like to invite you to start using it today, if you haven't done so already.

To manage your Digest subscriptions, open the Account->Digest tab from the setup menu.

Tick the boxes of those dashboards that you want to get as a weekly snapshot on your email. Notice that each dashboard has it's own digest, so if you have multiple subscriptions here, you will receive them as separate emails!

If you are an Admin, you can also manage the recipients of the weekly digest. Just open the setup menu and go to Settings->Digest. There you'll see a list of all users in your account, and you can select the individuals that you think should receive the digest. Click Save, and they will receive their first digest next Monday.

Slack Digest

And there's more - as everybody seems to be using Slack nowadays, we thought that it would be cool to have the same information sent to your Slack as well. That's what we just did - yes, a Slack integration! You can enable it from the integrations tab:

Once enabled, you'll start receiving a weekly update of your team status directly to your chosen Slack channel:

Lovely! Now go to the setup menu and enable your Slack integration today! Got those stakeholders that always want to hear when their project/feature/release will be finished, but who are too lazy to look it up themselves from your task tracking tool? Subscribe them to the weekly digest so you can finally keep them on the loop without distracting your team. 

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