Visualise your work with the Open Tasks chart

January 9, 2017 

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 16.10.16.png

We're happy to announce that we've now released a new Open Tasks chart, which is a new and improved version of the previous Cumulative Flow chart. 

One of our guiding design principles is that visualisations must be easy to interpret. It ought to be obvious what the chart is supposed to communicate when you look at the chart. Without having to read manuals or google the meaning of the terminology used. 

Therefore, we decide to rename the chart to Open Tasks. It provides essentially the same information as the previous Cumulative Flow chart, but in addition you get

  • Filtering based on label, assignee, or workflow state
  • Ability to adjust the timeframe shown
  • Ability to choose between task count and estimates
  • Options for grouping the data either by workflow state, label, or assignee

The last point makes this chart almost like three charts in one, as it provides answers to slightly different questions depending how the data is grouped. Read more about it in the blog post. 

Here's a quick video to demonstrate this new chart in action

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