We’ve launched Trello Power-Up! Use Screenful right inside the Trello UI!

July 26, 2016

We’re happy to announce that we’re now listed as an official Trello Power-Up in the Trello Power-Ups directory.

You can enable Power-Up from the Power-Ups menu in the right side of the Trello UI (Show menu ► Power-Ups). Scroll down to the Screenful and click Enable. You'll notice that a Screenful link appears on the top of the UI. You need to enable the Power-Up only once and that link will stay to allow a quick access to the Power-Up functionality whenever needed. 


Once you click the link, the menu is revealed containing shortcuts to the most commonly needed features. 

Selecting View Dashboard opens a new window within the Trello UI displaying your dashboard. You can move between the screens using the arrow keys or by clicking the navigation on the top. 

To go back to your Trello board, just close the window from the x-mark on the top right corner. Nice! No more jumping between the apps anymore! 

Visit our Power-Up page to learn more. 

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