What's new: A better support for estimates, sprints and releases

February 23, 2016

We've listened to your feedback and improved the way you can track your sprints and releases using Screenful. New features include:

  • Release forecast chart now supports Pivotal Tracker release markers
  • Ability to select estimates as burn unit in sprint burndown and release forecast charts
  • New tools for managing sprints in Trello

Support for Pivotal Tracker releases

We've added support for release markers in Pivotal Tracker in our Release Forecast slide. By default, the release forecast will include your whole backlog, but you can limit it to a specific release in your Pivotal Tracker, by selecting the release from the dropdown menu in the Release Forecast settings:

Support for estimates in Release Forecast

You can now choose whether to use task count or estimates as a burn unit in your Release Forecast chart. To change the burn unit, just go to Settings ► Screens ► Release Forecast, and use the radio button to choose between Task count and Estimates. If you choose to use estimates, then the scope and done curves will show the units of work (e.g. story points) rather than just the number of tasks. 

The selected unit is shown at the bottom left of the chart:

New tools for managing sprints in Trello

To start a new sprint, go to Settings ► Screens ► Current Sprint. Select the Trello list that contains the sprint backlog. This can be any list on your Trello board, including those that you haven't mapped in the workflow mapping. In addition, you have to select the sprint end date, and the burn unit (task count or estimate). Start the sprint by clicking Start sprint.

Once you complete your tasks, you'll get a nice sprint burndown chart to share with your team. 

Read more about working in sprints with Trello on our blog!

That's all for this release! Stay tuned as we have some really cool features coming out which we'll be announcing later this spring. 

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