UX Update: Usability improvements, native desktop clients

May 23, 2016

Based on discussions with our users, we’ve learned that there are many ways for using your dashboards. Some use it as an information radiator on a big screen, while some other prefer to use it on their laptop or in mobile. With this release, we wanted to add better support for these different usage scenarios.

Dedicated modes for desktop and radiator usage

Previously, the UI would look and behave in a same way whether you used on your desktop or when it was on rotation to a big screen. However, when using Screenful in your desktop, you might want a quicker access to various tools within the UI. Therefore we've added a simple menu to the top right corner containing shortcuts to the most often needed features. There are also contextual help pop-ups that are activated via mouse-over. Auto-rotation is turned off. This is the default mode from now on. 

User can switch to a radiator mode by clicking the play icon. In radiator mode, icons are removed and auto-rotation is turned on. The screen title and the board name are shown in a more visible font. That way, the UI will be more readable from a distance.  

Native desktop clients for Windows and Mac

We have good news for those who prefer a native experience instead of using Screenful in a web browser. We've added a download section to our website which allows you to download a client for your OS (Windows and OS X are currently supported). 

This is what the Mac client looks like when started from the dock:

Notice: if you're running Screenful as a radiator in a big screen, you should now explicitly switch it to radiator mode, as described in our setup guide!

That's all for this release! Stay tuned as we have some really cool features coming out later this year. 

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