Self-service setup is here!

November 30, 2015

We're super excited to announce that we have now launched our self-service tools that allow you to set up and configure dashboards via guided wizards. You can now

  • Create new dashboards
  • Configure dashboards
  • Quickly switch between dashboards
  • Invite team members

Using the tools available in the setup menu. You can access the setup menu by clicking the Screenful logo on the top right corner (click the images to see them in full-screen).

Create new dashboards

To create a new dashboard, click the Dashboards menu and select Create new dashboard.

A guided wizard asks you to pick and authorize your tool.

Once done, you can map your workflow using the mapping tool.

Drag your workflow states to Open, In Progress, and Done and click Next. Your new dashboard is created, and it's available in the Dashboards menu. 

Configure dashboards

To configure your dashboard, select Settings from the setup menu. In the Dashboard tab, you can choose which screen are included in your dashboard. 

In the Screens tab, you can configure individual screens.

Use arrow keys to switch between the screens. In the Workflow tab, you can adjust your workflow mapping if needed. 

Switch between dashboards

You can switch between dashboards using the Dashboards menu.

Invite team members

You can invite team members under the Account tab. You'll see a list of users and their roles. Click a user name to to edit details or to change the password. 

Click Invite user to invite new user. Enter email address to send an invitation email.

Invited user will receive an invitation email.

That's it! Now go ahead and try it yourself. 

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