Introducing new pricing, Milestones, and Power-Ups for all

September 9, 2016

I hope you had a great summer! We certainly did, but we also managed to get some stuff done that we want to share with you. The highlights of this release are:

  • We lowered the price of the Starter plan
  • Releases are now called Milestones
  • Our Trello Power-Up is now available to all Trello users, not just for those in Trello Business Class

Introducing new pricing

We've hear your feedback and we decided to drop the price of our Starter plan from $39 to $29 per month. The Starter plan allows you to create up to three dashboards and we still have premium plans for those who need more dashboards, or who prefer invoicing over monthly charge by credit card. 

We still offer startup discount for companies with less than 15 employees. That's 50% off of all plans. 

We've already adjusted the monthly charge for all our paying customers in Starter plan and the new price will be effective in your next monthly charge. 

Releases are now called Milestones

One thing we've noticed is that many of our users come from other domains than software development. While the term release is somewhat familiar to those doing software development it may sound alienating to those coming from other domains. However, they still have the need for being able to track the progress of a certain scope of work to get some understanding of when it might be completed. From now on, that scope will be called milestone.

This change is reflected in the product so that we've replaced the Release burnup with a new Milestone burnup chart. It comes with some new features as well:

  • You can now provide a name for a milestone, which will be displayed in the screen title
  • You can reset the chart by clicking Stop tracking, which sets your completed line to zero. You can then set a new milestone and start tracking it from the scratch (your velocity history will stay intact). 

To start tracking your next milestone, go to dashboard settings (Settings ► Dashboard) and make sure that the Milestone burnup screen is checked. Then go to the Milestone burnup screen in your dashboard, and click settings icon to view settings for this chart:

Learn more about setting up a milestone burnup chart for your Trello board

Power-Ups for all

Last but definitely not least, Trello made a bold move and opened Power-Ups for all of their 16M users. It means that the Screenful Power-Up is now available for all Trello users, not just those using Trello Business Class. You can activate the Power-Up from the right side menu of your Trello. Click open Power-Ups and scroll down to Screenful. Click enable and you're ready to go! 

Read the whole announcement from the Trello blog or visit our Power-Up page to learn more about Screenful Power-Up. 

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