Setting up the milestone burnup chart

The milestone burnup chart helps you to monitor the progress of a milestone and estimate the most likely delivery date based on your team’s historical velocity. 

Create a Trello list to contain tasks in your milestone

In this example, the leftmost column contains the backlog of all items that needs to be developed for the milestone. When work is started on a task, it is moved from the Release Backlog list to In Progress list. You can name these list whatever you like as long as you have mapped them in the workflow mapping.

Configure the Milestone Burnup chart

Go to settings to configure the milestone burnup chart

burnup config.png
  • Provide name for the milestone (optional, if given will be shown in the screen title)
  • Set your backlog (make sure that each list is mapped in the workflow mapping)
  • Choose either task count or estimates as a unit of work.

The milestone burnup chart takes all the cards that are in lists that are mapped either to "Not started" or "in progress", and assumes that to be your backlog. Then it checks your team's velocity and calculates a forecast date when your backlog should be empty if no new tasks are added. 

Milestone burnup.png

If you start with an empty Trello board, you'll have to complete some tasks first. The chart is shown after there is at least one whole calendar week where at least one task has been completed.

Resetting the chart

When you're done with the milestone you were tracking, you can reset your burnup chart before starting to track another goal. To reset the chart, go dashboard settings and click Stop tracking

stop tracking.png

Once you're reset the chart, your completed curve starts from zero, and the scope consists of all uncompleted tasks in your mapped workflow. Your velocity history stays intact so that you can immediately start seeing projections based on your history. 

Read more about the milestone burnup chart from the tour page.

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