Introducing user access permissions 🔒

May 30, 2018

We're happy to let you know that we've introduced user access controls to our dashboards. Now you can limit the visibility of a dashboard to selected individuals. That's very handy if you have multiple teams and you don't want each of them to see each others data.

For controlling the dashboard visibility, there's a new Permissions tab added to the dashboard settings. Within that tab you'll have a list of all the users invited to your dashboard. The ones that are checked have access to the dashboard.

To add new users to the list, you first have to invite them. The level of access depends on the user role so that the permissions tab is available only for users with the Member role. Observers cannot access this tab.

The default visibility for newly invited users depends on whether the dashboard has restricted visibility or not. Dashboard visibility is considered restricted if all users are not selected under the permissions tab.

If dashboard has restricted visibility, newly invited users won't get access to the dashboard by default, but instead, need to be granted access explicitly under the permissions tab. If all users are granted access, newly invited users get access by default.

When you click Save, only the selected users have access to the dashboard. The ones not selected cannot any longer access any of the screens in the dashboard. You can re-activate access any time under the same permissions tab.

Permissions are dashboard specific so that you can adjust your access settings for each of your team separately.

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This article was written by Sami Linnanvuo

Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter.