Weekly Report and the new Slack integration

Nov 30, 2020

We have some good news for those who like to share information via email reports. We have introduced a new Weekly Report, which provides you an overview to what happened during the previous calendar week. It’s similar to the current Weekly Digest except that it’s fully configurable. It will replace the current Weekly Digest feature, which will be sunsetted soon.

The new Weekly Report is based on the recently announced Reports product. So with this update we’re making the Reports functionality available for all users, including those in the Dashboards plans.

We’ve also implemented a new Slack integration, which allows sending reports to Slack in PDF format.

The new Reports tab

Regardless of which plan you’re in, you have now the new Reports tab available (if you’re within a dashboard, you can get to this view by selecting ‘Exit dashboard’ under the main menu)

Under the Reports, you’ll see all your current reports. When you’ve just signed up to Screenful, the Weekly Report will appear in the reports tab. The automatically generated report shows metrics from the previous week:

  • Number of completed and open tasks

  • Bar chart that shows completed tasks by label

  • List of completed tasks

  • Scatter plot showing cycle time of individual tasks

  • List of created tasks

  • Bar chart that shows the weekly velocity of your team

Editing the Weekly Report

Unlike the previous Weekly Digest, this report is fully configurable. The report consists of custom charts and editable text fragments. You can open any chart or text block for editing by clicking the edit icon on the right:

You can also add new charts, or remove existing charts by clicking Edit report on the toolbar. You can adjust anything you see in the report including the texts, charts, layout and the colours.

The Weekly Report is automatically scheduled to be sent on Monday morning to the person who created the account. You can adjust the schedule and include any of your colleagues by selecting Schedule in the top right corner or under the context menu:

The new Slack integration

We have completely redesigned the Slack integration. Once you have activated the Slack integration, a new section Slack settings is added to the report schedule page, which allows to select the Slack channel to send the report.

And here’s the Weekly Report opened within the Slack UI.

You can learn more about setting up the Slack integration in this guide to set up the Slack integration

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This article was written by Sami Linnanvuo

Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter.