Epics Cards - Privacy Policy

What data is collected by the Power-Up?

Epic Cards by Screenful is a stand-alone Power-Up, which means that there is no 3rd party server involved and therefore no task data is sent outside Trello. The card relationships are stored within the Trello itself.

A Google Analytics tag is used for collecting statistics about the usage of the Power-Up.

Does everyone in my team need to install this Power-up?

No. When anyone within your team installs this Power-Up, it becomes available to everyone who has access to that board.

However, each member of your team needs to authorise the Power-Up in order to use it.

How do you store the authorization tokens?

Once a user has authorized the Power-Up, the Trello authorization token is stored to Trello using the Trello’s custom data storage to the organization level scope with private visibility.

The token can be removed by selecting "remove personal settings" in the Power-up activation page.

Questions regarding privacy? Send email to support@screenful.com