Announcing Card Priority Power-Up: Assign Priorities to Trello cards 🚀

Card Priority is a free Power-Up by Screenful that allows you to set priorities and to sort cards according to their importance. You can configure the names of the priority levels. The cards with the highest priority display a red badge in the card front so that you can quickly see which cards need most urgent attention. It is a simple board utility that is free and runs entirely within the Trello UI.

We’ve listened to our users - Epic Cards v3 is out 🚀

Our free Epic Cards Power-Up has been extremely well received by the Trello community and the positive feedback we get is continuous. Some of the feedback include feature requests and we are happy to announce that a new version is now out that delivers some of the most wanted features including:

  • Ability to display the epic name on the card front

  • Ability to see a summary of epics per board

  • Ability to assign task to an epic from within the epic card

  • Ability to assign a list of cards to an epic at once

Read on to learn about these improvements in more detail.

Announcing Card Dependencies Power-Up: Set dependencies between Trello cards 🚀

Card Dependencies is a free Power-Up by Screenful that allows you to link cards together by setting dependencies between them. For example, you can specify which task is currently blocking some other task. You can also use it for creating parent-child relationships between cards. It is a simple board utility that is free and runs entirely within the Trello UI.

Boosting your development and delivery times with CI/CD

It’s essential to organize your development and delivery process in a good and efficient way. So at this point comes DevOps solutions which can help you to automate lots of things in your project. Anything which can be automated in your system can save up your time by reducing and improving your teamwork, speeding up your project development and delivery time in multiple times.

Let’s start at the very beginning and understand how our approach helped us.

Epic Cards: free Power-Up for tracking work across multiple Trello boards

Trello is is a great choice if all you need is a basic Kanban board for tracking your project. It has unbeaten usability that feels intuitive even for the technically challenged. It just works. With a single board, you organise your cards into lists. That's straightforward.

However, when you start adding more boards and more people to the mix, it can get harder to stay on tracks on how things are progressing

Drumroll... 🥁 Introducing Epic Cards for Trello v2.0

Our Epic Cards Power-Up has been well received by the Trello community and we’ve received quite a lot of feedback. What we learned is that people wanted more flexibility in how they can organise their epics. That was actually not a big surprise since when it comes to Trello, everyone has their own way of using it (I even wrote a blog post about that topic).

We have listened, and now we are delivering. While the new Power-Up looks and feels the same as before, we have completely redesigned how it works under the hood.