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Track your sprint progress with a burndown chart for Trello. Learn more


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Track metrics across multiple Trello boards

Sometimes it can be hard to stay track of your work if your tasks are scattered over multiple boards. Worry no more, our data aggregation feature allows you to track metrics across multiple Trello boards at once.

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Common questions

How is the lead/cycle/reaction time calculated?

This depends on how you have set up your workflow in the workflow mapping. Learn more from the Lead Time FAQ

Can I do sprints with Trello?

Yes you can do agile and Scrum with Trello with our Trello extension. To see a burndown of your Trello board, go to Settings  Dashboard in the setup menu and enable Sprint Burndown screen. Then in the chart settings, select the Trello list that you want to use as a sprint backlog. Read also our blog post about doing sprints with Trello

Do you support work estimates in your burndown chart?

Yes. An estimate can be associated with a task by inserting a number in the parenthesis as a prefix to the task name. Lean more about how to set estimates in your tasks in Trello.

How does the milestone burnup chart work?

The milestone burnup chart takes all the cards that are in lists that are mapped either to "open" or "in progress", and assumes that to be your backlog. Then it checks your team's velocity and calculates a forecast date when your backlog should be empty if no new tasks are added. Follow these steps to set up the milestone burnup chart, or learn more from the Milestone Burnup FAQ

I have several milestones in my board, is it possible to track all of them at once?

For that you would need to create separate Screenful dashboards with slightly different workflow mapping so that each dashboard has the lists relevant for that specific milestone mapped.

How do you decide the order of tasks in the Team Status? Is there a way to specify priority in Trello?

A card's priority is determined by its location on a list. The card at the top of the list has the highest priority. The Team Status screen shows tasks in that order. 

Trello Power-Up doesn't seem to work on my browser. What can I do?

Make sure you're using the Power-Up with a browser that is among the supported ones:

- IE8+
- Firefox 9+
- Chrome 16+
- Safari 5+

Power-Up needs access to your browser's local storage so you need to have access to local storage enabled in your browser's security settings. See our privacy policy


How do you decide when a card is "done"?

Card is done when it's moved to any of the lists that are mapped to "done" in the workflow mapping. You can freely select the Trello lists that represent "done" in your workflow. 

What if I archive a card?

Once a card is moved to a list that is mapped to "done", it is recorded as a data point that is used e.g. for calculating cycle times. Archiving a card doesn't affect its metrics collected before it was archived. 

Is there a way to consolidate data from multiple Trello boards on one screenful dashboard?

Yes, you can create duplicates of any of the screens and let them pull data from any of your Trello boards. You can also aggregate data from multiple Trello boards into one dashboard. 

Do you have suggestions for how I should construct my Trello board?

See the guide for creating your Trello workflow in our Getting Started Guide.

How do I view these screens in my mobile/tablet?

Input your dashboard URL into your phone browser, and once the page is loaded, save the page as a shortcut icon into your home screen so that the next time you can access it quickly by tapping the icon. On Android devices, you can do it by selecting "Add to home screen" from the menu.

Do you provide desktop clients?

We have native desktop clients available for Windows and Mac. 

How often data is updated on my screens?

All screens are updated once an hour. You can trigger update manually by clicking 'Update now' at Settings ► Integrations ► Trello

How do I set this up on a big screen?

Read the online guide about the TV mode and tips for setting up the hardware from our blog. 

Can I mix Screenful dashboards with content of my own when running in TV mode?

Yes, there are 3rd party apps that allow you to schedule and organise different kind of content to your screens. These range from simple browser plugins to more advanced digital signage solutions

Can I embed some of these charts into my intranet?

You can embed any individual screen into an iFrame. Learn how to construct an embeddable URL from our online guide

I can’t find an answer to my question

The Getting Started Guide contains Instructions for setting up your dashboard. 

See also our Accounts & Pricing FAQ.

Check out our public roadmap or get in touch by emailing to