Make better decisions based on facts

Say goodbye to manual project status update reports! We've created a set of charts and visualisations that allow you to set up your dashboard instantly. You can slice & dice, filter, and drill in to more details providing a 360° view on your data. 


See what each team member is currently working on

  • Which tasks are currently in progress?
  • Who's working on what?
  • What has been recently completed?
  • Pick your own lists. 

Track your lead and cycle times

  • What is your average lead time for resolving bug/ticket/story?
  • How quickly tasks are resolved after work is started?
  • Identify bottlenecks in your workflow

Track your sprint progress with a burndown chart

  • Are you ahead or behind the target?
  • How many tasks are still not started?
  • Is your team's velocity stable?
  • A better sprint burndown chart for your team.

Monitor the progress of your milestones 

  • How much of work is done vs still todo?
  • How scope changes affect the projected delivery dates? 
  • What is the most likely delivery date based on recent velocity?

See how long each workflow step takes

  • See average time per workflow state
  • Which steps are taking the most time?
  • Are some steps getting faster or slower?

Gain a bird's-eye view on your projects

  • Are there any overdue tasks?
  • Does everyone has enough work assigned?
  • How many tasks were created or completed within last 7 days?

Track your completed work

  • How much work did you get done?
  • How is your time distributed between different activities?
  • What is the trend - are you working more on activities that create value?

Track your work in progress

  • How many open tasks there are per label/workflow state/assignee?
  • How much work is assigned to each individual?
  • Is your work piling up?

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 23.07.49.png

Create custom charts

  • Create charts from your task data
  • Tasks or story points done, lead & cycle times, pick the metric you want to see
  • Group by label, assignee, source board, or by any other property.