Selecting the unit

While the Screenful dashboards use issue count as the unit by default, you can configure your dashboards to use the same unit as what you’re using in Jira. For example, if you use story points in Jira, you can set your dashboards to use story points as well.

Here’s what the unit selection menu looks like in the Sprint settings:

You can choose from three options:

1 Issue count
Simply count the number of issues and use that as the unit

2 Estimates
Use work estimates instead of issue count. This may be either story points or time (hours, days, weeks) depending on what is selected as the estimation statistic in Jira. Learn more about setting estimation statistic in Jira.

3 Time tracking
Use the remaining time and time spent fields. These may be in either hours, days, or weeks depending on the time tracking configuration in Jira.

Assigning estimates using a custom field

You can use a Number, Select menu, Checkboxes, or Radiobuttons type custom field for providing an estimate for a task. Learn how to set estimates using custom field

Screenful will import your custom fields the and make them available in the unit selection menu in the chart settings after you have mapped them to Number type using the custom fields management UI

In the example below, a custom field Story point estimate has been mapped to a Number type and it has become available in the unit selection menu:

Once you select a custom field as unit it will be used as a metric in the reports.

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