Sharing the board filter

A board is available to all users who can view the saved filter on which the board is based. If you wish to share a board with different people, you will need to either edit the saved filter, or choose a different filter. Filters that you have created can be shared with other users via user groups, projects and project roles. They can also be shared globally. 

To share an existing filter using the Details button:

  1. Choose Issues > Manage Filters.
  2. Click the My tab. This tab displays all the filters that have been created by you.
  3. Locate the filter you wish to share and click on it.
  4. Click the Details link to the right of the filter's name, as shown here:

 5. Click Edit permissions to open the Edit Current Filter screen:

 6. Update the Add Shares field by selecting the group, project or project role that you want to share the filter with, and clicking the Add link to add the share. 

  7. Click Save to save your changes.

If the filter sharing functions shown above are not available to you, you probably do not have the Create Shared Object global permission assigned to you. Please contact your JIRA administrator to obtain this permission.