Completed work

The Insights > Completed tab shows you how your work is split across different projects. It enables you to see the distribution of the completed tasks within a time period, spot trends, and adjust your workflows to avoid wasteful activities.

See the distribution of work done per work type

The type of work completed chart shows the number of tasks/points completed during the selected date range. It tells you what type of activities are taking most of your time.

This chart shows how much work was completed by priority, epic, label, group, tag, etc.

See the trend of completed work per work type

The completed tasks trend shows the trend of different activities over time.

Are you spending more time on meaningful activities and less time on doing rework or fixing bugs?

See the weekly, monthly, and quarterly breakdown

You can quickly see how many tasks/points have been completed per week, month, or quarter. You can further slice and dice to what types of tasks those were and who they were assigned to.

Compare created vs completed tasks trends

See how much work was completed vs new work created. Are you completing more work than what is being added to the project?

Created vs Completed chart that shows the number of tasks created vs new tasks created over the selected date range.

Slice & dice per epic, label, assignee, etc.

Use the quick menu to switch between different reports. Use the group by options to see the number of tasks or points completed per dimensions such as label, source, or assignee. 

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