Visualize your JIRA projects!

Screenful is an extension to JIRA that helps you to stay on track with your projects. This add-on brings you visual dashboards and automated reports that you can share with your team. Use with any of your devices, or set up as an auto-rotating slideshow on a big screen



See what others are working on and what has been resolved recently. Learn more

Who's working on what wight now? What has been completed recently? Learn more


Track the progress of your releases. What is the most likely release date? Learn more

Get forecasts for your project completion. Learn more


Track your ticket cycle times - see your average lead time and spot bottlenecks. Learn more



See how your time is distributed on different activities. Track & eliminate waste! Learn more

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Stay on track with weekly reports



Set up on a big screen at your office


Learn more about the TV mode


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Available on the Atlassian Marketplace

If you're using JIRA Cloud, you can activate and use the Screenful add-on right within your JIRA UI. Learn more about the Screenful add-on for JIRA Cloud

Common questions

How does the Screenful add-on for Jira Cloud differ from your SaaS service? 

By installing Screenful add-on for Jira Cloud, you get Screenful dashboard embedded within your JIRA UI. You will be billed by Atlassian so you'll have only one billing contact for both JIRA and Screenful.

Can I have Screenful installed on my own server?

Yes. We can provide you a Docker image with installation instructions as part of our Enterprise plan. 

How do I set permissions for my agile board? I have added Screenful user, but the dashboard is empty

Here's a step-by-step guide for setting permissions.

Does this support my specific workflow or do I have to use some specific states like "Open", "In progress" and "done"?

No you don't. Screens can be configured so that they reflect your own specific workflow. 

I'd like to filter my data by type/priority/component so that only certain tasks are included in the dashboard. Can I do that?

Yes, you can slice & dice your data in many ways using the filtering feature

Do I need to have estimates on my tasks?

You can estimate your tasks using story points or days/hours. It's fine also if you don't estimate your tasks at all, then we just use the task count as a basis for the sprint burndown on the Current Sprint screen. The Release Forecast screen always uses task count for the velocity calculation.  

How is the lead/cycle/reaction time calculated?

This depends on how you have set up your workflow in the workflow mapping. Learn more from the Lead Time FAQ

Which Jira versions are supported?

Jira version 5 or newer.

Is there a way to aggregate data from multiple projects on one screenful dashboard?

Yes, you can create duplicates of any of the screens and let them pull data from any of your Jira boards. You can also aggregate data from multiple Jira boards into one dashboard. 

How do I view these screens in my mobile/tablet?

Input your dashboard URL into your phone browser, and once the page is loaded, save the page as a shortcut icon into your home screen so that the next time you can access it quickly by tapping the icon. In Android devices, you can do it by selecting "Add to home screen" from the menu. 

Do you provide desktop clients?

We have native desktop clients available for Windows and Mac. 

How do I set this up on a big screen?

Read the online guide about the TV mode and tips for setting up the hardware from our blog. 

Can I mix Screenful dashboards with content of my own when running in TV mode?

Yes, there are 3rd party apps that allow you to schedule and organise different kind of content to your screens. These range from simple browser plugins to more advanced digital signage solutions

Can I embed some of these charts into my intranet?

You can embed any individual screen into an iFrame. Learn how to construct an embeddable URL from our online guide

How often data is updated on my screens?

All screens are updated once an hour. You can trigger update manually by clicking Update now at Settings ► Integrations ► Jira

I can’t find an answer to my question

The Getting Started Guide contains Instructions for setting up your dashboard. 

See also our Accounts & Pricing FAQ.

Check out our public roadmap or get in touch by emailing to