Announcing Card Dependencies Power-Up: Set dependencies between Trello cards 🚀

Jul 30, 2019

Card Dependencies is a free Power-Up by Screenful that allows you to link cards together by setting dependencies between them. For example, you can specify which task is currently blocking some other task. You can also use it for creating parent-child relationships between cards. It is a simple board utility that is free and runs entirely within the Trello UI.

After enabling this Power-Up from the Power-Up directory, you can start setting dependencies between cards by clicking Card Dependencies at the right side menu of a card. An input window opens that allows you to select the type of dependency you want to set:

You can choose from the set of pre-defined relations. Select which cards are related to this card, or blocking this card. You can also set parent/child relationships between cards.

Once you’ve picked one of the options, the dependency is shown in the card:

The set dependency is reflected in both cards. You can move between cards by clicking through. One card can have multiple dependencies with other cards so you can easily link all the related cards together for easy discovery.

A dependency can be resolved any time by clicking the Resolve dependency icon:

When a dependency is resolved, it will stay in the list but it is shown in strikethrough font.

Any time you want to view summaries of the whole board, you can click the Card Dependencies link on the top bar of the Trello UI:

You’ll see how many dependencies have been set between cards in this board and what type of dependencies they are.

The Blocked dependency is special in a sense that it is shown as the red icon in the front of the card. This way, you can quickly see which tasks cannot be progressed because they are blocked by some other tasks.

Here’s the Card Dependencies Power-Up in action:

Learn more about Card Dependencies for Trello or just add it to your board.

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This article was written by Sami Linnanvuo

Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter.