Card Dependencies for Trello

Card Dependencies by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to link cards together by setting dependencies between them. For example, you can specify which task is currently blocking some other task. You can also use it for creating parent-child relationships between cards. It is a simple board utility that runs entirely on top of Trello.


Easily link blockers, subtasks, and duplicates

1 Add the Card Dependencies Power‑Up to your board

You can activate this add-on from the Power‑Ups section in the Trello menu. Just go to the IT & Project Management category, scroll down to Card Dependencies by Screenful and add it to your board by clicking the Add button.

2 Set dependencies between cards

Select which cards are related to this card, or blocking this card. You can also set parent/child relationships between cards. The set dependency is reflected in both cards. It works across multiple boards!

3 See the set dependency in the other card

The set dependency is shown in both cards. You can move between cards by clicking through. If a dependency is resolved, it is shown in a strikethrough font.

4 See the current blockers in front of the card

Blocked cards have the red blocked symbol shown on them. That allows you to see which cards on the board are blocked by some other card. Time to remove those blockers?

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Common questions

What is Card Dependencies by Screenful?

Card Dependencies by Screenful is a simple add-on for Trello that allows you to set dependencies between the cards in your Trello boards e.g. for showing which cards are blocked by some other card.

It’s free and runs entirely within the Trello UI. It is available in the Trello Power-Ups directory.

How do I set a dependency between two Trello cards?

Select which cards are related to this card, or blocking this card. You can also set parent/child relationships between cards. The set dependency is reflected in both cards. It works across multiple boards!

How do I resolve a dependency?

A dependency is resolved either by clicking the checkmark in the dependency list, or by archiving the card that is causing the dependency. Once resolved, the dependency will be shown in strikethrough font.

Does it work across multiple Trello boards?

Yes, you can add dependencies between two different Trello boards. In order to see the dependency data in both boards, you need to activate the Power-Up on both of them.

What about the security? Does it access the contents of my Trello cards?

This Power-Up only adds dependencies between cards. It is a stand-alone Power-Up, which means that there is no 3rd party server involved and therefore no data is sent outside Trello.

How do I add this functionality to my board?

It’s easy, here’s direct link for adding this free Power-Up to your board. You can inactivate it any time.

I don’t see the “Dependencies” button in my cards

This may be because you haven’t authenticated the Power-Up. Click the “Card Dependencies” link on the top of the Trello UI. The auth/config window will appear with further instructions.

I don’t see a dependency that has been set for a card

You only see dependencies from boards that you have access to. If a board is inaccessible, the details of the dependency cannot be shown.

I added the Power-Up but nothing changed on my board

Notice that this Power-Up doesn’t work on Internet Explorer. Use it with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

I have authenticated the Power-Up but now it has disappeared from my board

The likely reason is that someone on your team disabled the Power-Up on your board. If anyone on your team enables it, it will be visible again for all team members. That’s how Power-Ups work, either everyone sees it, or no-one sees it.

Does everyone in my team need to install this Power-up?

No. When anyone within your team installs this Power-Up, it becomes available to everyone who has access to that board. 

Is it really free? 

We will keep this Power-Up free for the foreseeable future. After all, it's just a single feature so we think it should be free.

if you're interested in more detailed analytics and charting of your Trello data, we also have a paid product, which you can try out for free.

How can I get help?

You can always send email to We'll answer promptly.