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Epic Cards for Trello

Epic Cards by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to group your cards into larger bodies of work, epics. As cards are completed, the progress of the work is shown in your epic card. 

This add-on gives you the power to manage and track work on a high level. Since epics are shared across boards, you can finally organise your work across all of your boards!


Easily organise work across all of your boards

1 Add the Epic Cards Power‑Up to your board

You can activate this add-on from the Power‑Ups section in the Trello menu. Just go to the IT & Project Management category, scroll down to Epic Cards by Screenful and add it to your board by clicking the Add button.

2 Select lists

Select the lists that you want to keep your epics in. Whenever a card is added to that list, it becomes an epic. Select the epic done list. This is the list where epics are moved once they are completed.

3 Create some epics

Creating an epic is as easy as creating or moving a card to a list in your Trello board. Every card that sits on an epic list is automatically made an epic, and other cards can be assigned to it.

4 Assign tasks to epics

Every card that is not an epic has a menu that allows assigning it to an epic. The list contains the names of the cards in your epic lists. To assign a card to an epic, simply select the epic from the menu.

5 Track the progress of your epics

Inside the epic card, you'll see a list of tasks assigned to that epic. Clicking the name of the task brings you to the task card. You can get back to the list by clicking the epic name in the task card. This is a great way to connect your various boards together through epics!

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Common questions

What is Epic Cards by Screenful?

Epic Cards by Screenful is a free Power-Up for Trello that allows you to assign cards into larger bodies of work, epics. Think of an epic as a container of tasks. You can assign tasks to epics and you'll see a list of assigned tasks within your epic card so that you can track it's progress.

If you've ever wondered how to best track your projects or milestones with Trello, this is the power-up that helps you do it!

How do I create an epic?

You can create an epic by adding a card into a list of your Trello board. Your epic cards sit on a specified list and all the cards added to that list becomes epics. 

To start working with epics in your Trello board, install the Epic Cards by Screenful first. 

How do I add a task to an epic?

You can add any of the cards in your Trello board to an epic by clicking the Add to epic link on the top of the card. The menu contains the names of the cards that have been added to the epics list

How do I complete an epic?

You can complete an epic by moving the epic card to the list that is select to be the epic done list. Once an epic is completed, individual cards can no longer be assigned to it. 

If you complete all the tasks assigned to the epic, the front badge turns green. You can still assigns cards to it in case you want to add more work to the epic. Once you feel you’ve completed the epic, move it to the epic done list. 

Does it work across multiple Trello boards?

Yes, epics are shared across each Trello board within the team that has the Power-up activated. That means that you can add a card to an epic that sits on another board. When you move a cards from one board to another, the epic association remains. 


Why do I get a message “You don’t seem to be a member of a team”?

In order to use the Power-Up on your board, the board must have a team associated with it. Creating a team is easy, just follow these steps to create one.

I added a user to my board but he/she cannot use the Power-up

Each user must authorise the Power-Up by clicking the “Epic Cards” link on the top of the Trello UI and going through the auth flow.

Any person who wants to use this power-up must be a member of the Trello team where the board exists. It's not enough add user to your Trello board, you need to add that person to your team as well.

What about the security? Does it access the contents of my Trello cards?

This Power-Up only adds card relationships. It is a stand-alone Power-Up, which means that there is no 3rd party server involved and therefore no data is sent outside Trello. The card relationships are stored within the Trello itself.

Does everyone in my team need to install this Power-up?

No. When anyone within your team installs this Power-Up, it becomes available to everyone who has access to that board. 

However, each member of your team needs to authorise the Power-Up in order to use it.

If I'm in Trello Gold and add a non-Gold member to the board, will that member have access to this Power-Ups on my board?

Yes, as long as you are the one to add the Power-Up to the board, everyone on the board can use them. 

Is it really free? 

We aim to keep this Power-Up free for the foreseeable future. After all, it's just a single feature so we think it should be free.

if you're interested in more detailed analytics and charting of your Trello data, we also have a paid product, which you can try out for free.

How can I get help?

You can always send email to We'll answer promptly.