Card Priority for Trello

Card Priority by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to set priorities and sort cards according to their importance. You can configure the names of the priority levels. The cards with the highest priority display a red badge in the card front so that you can quickly see which cards need most urgent attention.


Not all cards are created equal. Prioritise them!

1 Add the Card Priority Power‑Up to your board

You can activate this add-on from the Power‑Ups section in the Trello menu. Just go to the Board Utilities category, scroll down to Card Priority by Screenful and add it to your board by clicking the Add button.

2 Set your priority levels

Set names for your priority levels (from 1 to 5). The default priorities are Highest, Critical, Alarming, Act soon, and Lowest. The name of the priority is shown in the card front and back.

3 Assign priorities to tasks

To assign an priority for a card, simply click 'Card Priority' from the right menu, and select the priority from the list of pre-defined priorities.

Cards can be sorted according to the set priorities by selecting Sort By... form the List actions

4 See priority in card front and back

Depending on your settings, the set priority is shown in the card front and card back. You can quickly see which cards need your most urgent attention.

5 See totals per list, assignee or label

When you open the Card Priority menu, you'll see a list of assignees with the total number of cards assigned to them per priority level. Alternatively, you can choose to view totals per label or list.

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Common questions

What is Card Priority by Screenful?

Card Priority by Screenful is a simple add-on for Trello that allows you to set priorities for the cards in your Trello board. The card priority is shown in the cards and you can sort lists by priority.

It’s free and runs entirely within the Trello UI. It is available in the Trello Power-Ups directory.

How do I set a priority for a Trello card?

After activating the Power-Up, just click the Card Priority button within any card on that board. A window opens which allows you to set a weight for the card. The set weight is shown both on the card front and back.

How do sort a list based on priority?

Click the three dots (…) on top of any list in your Trello board. Select Sort By… from the menu that opens. Another menu opens with options for sorting the cards highest first or lowest first.

Can I see totals somewhere?

After you’ve set priorities to some of your cards, you can see the totals in the Power-Up main menu (click the link “Card Priority” on top of the Trello UI). You’ll see a list of individuals with the total amount of cards assigned to them in each priority level. Alternatively, you can choose to view totals per label or per Trello list.

What about the security? Does it access the contents of my Trello cards?

This Power-Up only adds priorities to cards. It is a stand-alone Power-Up, which means that there is no 3rd party server involved and therefore no data is sent outside Trello. The card priorities are stored within the Trello itself.

How do I add this functionality to my board?

It’s easy, here’s direct link for adding this free Power-Up to your board. You can inactivate it any time.

I added the Power-Up but nothing changed on my board

Notice that this Power-Up doesn’t work on Internet Explorer. Use it with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Does everyone in my team need to install this Power-up?

No. When anyone within your team installs this Power-Up, it becomes available to everyone who has access to that board. 

If I'm in Trello Gold and add a non-Gold member to the board, will that member have access to this Power-Ups on my board?

Yes, as long as you are the one to add the Power-Up to the board, everyone on the board can use them.

Can I choose what information is shown in cards? 

Yes, you can choose to show priority either in card front, card back or both. You can also configure the names of the priority levels that are shown in the badges.

Is it really free? 

We will keep this Power-Up free for the foreseeable future. After all, it's just a single feature so we think it should be free.

if you're interested in more detailed analytics and charting of your Trello data, we also have a paid product, which you can try out for free.

How can I get help?

You can always send email to We'll answer promptly.