Epics Cards Privacy Policy

What data is collected by the Power-Up?

Epic Cards by Screenful does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). When the Power-Up is installed, the following information is stored on Screenful servers:

  • Trello organisation ID

  • Trial start date

  • Trial restart count

The card relationships are stored within the Trello itself.

Users can opt-in to receive news and updates related to Screenful products via email.

Does everyone in my team need to install this Power-up?

No. When anyone within your team installs this Power-Up, it becomes available to everyone with access to that board. However, each member of your team needs to authorize the Power-Up to use it.

How do you store the authorization tokens?

Once a user has authorized the Power-Up, the Trello authorization token is stored in Trello using Trello’s custom data storage to the organization-level scope with private visibility.

The token can be removed by selecting "remove personal settings" on the Power-up activation page.

Questions regarding privacy? Send an email to support@screenful.com

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