Report templates

Mar 30, 2021

Earlier this year we introduced chart templates to make it easier to create custom charts. That made it possible to create any chart from the underlying data with just a few clicks. Now we’ve expanded on that concept, and are extremely happy to introduce report templates! This is a game-changing feature as now you can create complete reports with just a few clicks.

Create new reports with just a few clicks

To create a new report from a template, go to the Reports tab and click Add new report on the top right corner.

A modal is opened with a set of report templates. You can either create a new report from scratch or pick one of the predefined reports.

Clicking one of report templates opens a preview with real data. You can select the data sources from the Data source menu above the report. You can pick one or more data sources for your reports and have them applied to all the charts within the report.

When you click Create report, the report is created and you can find it under the Reports tab under the main view.

From there, you can for example download it as a PDF, schedule it to be sent via email, or share it with others using the share links.

Configuring the report

While picking from the ready-made templates is the quickest way to get started, your use case may require a more customized approach. No worries, you can click the Configure icon on the top right corner to open the report for editing.

The report editor opens showing the predefined content. You can freely add or remove charts and text blocks, and adjust the layout of the report by adding columns to the report.

When you’re editing a report, you can easily insert any of your existing custom charts, or you can create new ones using the chart templates.


Report templates are now available for all users. You can easily create reports from templates and share them with others using share links and scheduled reports. We’ll be adding more templates to the library over time.

Here’s how the report creation from a template works:

Here’s some good news for our Trello users: Our paid Power-ups are now included in the bonus program meaning that they don’t count towards your Power-Up limit!

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This article was written by Sami Linnanvuo

Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter.