Share dashboard with a link

You can point a link directly to a specific screen within your dashboard, or even allow access to someone who doesn't have a Screenful account by constructing a shareable link. 

1 Sharing a dashboard screen

You can get a URL of the currently viewed screen by clicking Share this view under the main menu. An input field is shown with the URL that allows copying the link to the clipboard.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 13.36.34.png

You can share the URL with anyone who has access to your dashboard. When they follow the link, they will only see this one dashboard view.

2 Constructing a direct url

Note: We strongly recommend creating a dedicated read-only user (user role=observer) for this purpose. See Inviting users for details.  

If you want to set up Screenful dashboard to a TV, you sometimes need to create a link that bypasses the login screen. That can be achieved by providing username and password as url-parameters e.g.[username]&password=[password] 

Replace [username] with your username and [password] with your password. You also need to change the dashboard id and the name to point to your dashboard. 

It's the part that comes after '/dashboard/' (i.e. '12296/screenful-demo' in the example above). 

Tip: Learn how to create a link that launches directly to the TV-mode

To point a url to a specific screen within your dashboard, use the screen_ids parameter:[username]&password=[password]&screens_ids=[id]

where id is the id of the screen. To find the id of the screen, get the url of the screen (as instructed in the first part of this guide) and take the value of the screen_ids parameter

You can include multiple screens by separating them with a comma e.g. 


Tip: You can use a url shortener (such as or to make the url easier to type into a TV set.

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