Share dashboard with a link

You can point a link directly to a specific screen within your dashboard, or even allow access to someone who doesn't have a Screenful account by constructing a shareable link. 

1 Constructing a direct url

Note: We strongly recommend creating a dedicated read-only user (user role=observer) for this purpose. See Inviting users for details.  

You can skip the login screen by providing username and password as url-parameters e.g.[username]&password=[password] 

Replace [username] with your username and [password] with your password. You also need to change the dashboard id and the name to point to your dashboard. 

It's the part that comes after '/dashboard/' (i.e. '12296/screenful-demo' in the example above). 

Tip: Learn how to create a link that launches directly to the TV-mode

To point a url to a specific screen within your dashboard, use the screens parameter:[username]&password=[password]&screens=[name]

where name is one of the following:




You can include multiple screens by separating them with a comma e.g. 


Tip: You can use a url shortener (such as or to make the url more user-friendly before sending it to the recipient!

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