How to find outliers and tasks that need your attention?

The Task Status screen helps you to pinpoint tasks that are likely to need your attention such as those that are delayed or overdue. It allows you to identify what is delaying your team and to act proactively to solve it.

If you’ve set due dates for your tasks, then you’re likely interested in seeing which tasks are overdue, or are about to become overdue. You see that by selecting Due < 5 days and Overdue as the metrics to the right side column (click to enlarge).

If you’re not using due dates, you still identify delayed tasks by looking at how long they have been in progress. That can give you an early heads up on tasks that are likely to cause a delays. In the example below, the tasks that have been In progress > 10 days and In progress > 30 days are shown.

Sometimes tasks do not progress through the workflow smoothly as they should. Instead, they move back and forth between workflow states. This is often a symptom of insufficient planning or weak quality assurance process. You can find out which tasks has been first completed but then moved back to In progress by selecting Reopened as the metric.

All the information displayed in your Task Status screen is clickable so that you can view the tasks behind the numbers.


You can select what is shown in the right column by selecting Configure this view under the main menu. You can choose up to five metrics to be shown at once.

Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 16.18.14.png

Looking at the outlier in your data can help you pinpoint problem areas and find the tasks that need your attention so that you can proactively tackle them before they start affecting the execution of your project.

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