How to measure your team’s velocity?

Velocity is a measure of the amount of work a team completes during a specific period of time.

The Completed Tasks screen shows you an overview of the tasks that have been completed during a time period. The data is grouped by label by default but your can change the grouping from the quick menu on the top right corner.


Selecting Assignee from the menu changes the chart to show the number of tasks completed per each individual during the selected date range. You can change the date range by clicking Adjust filter under the main menu.

The chart on the background is clickable. When you hover the mouse over the chart, the popup shows the number of tasks completed at that specific date. You can click through to see the actual tasks behind the numbers.


From the quick menu, you’ll also find weekly, monthly, and quarterly breakdowns for easier comparison between time periods. For example in the monthly breakdown, you can see how much work is completed per each team member per month, and do month on month comparison.