Map your workflow using the mapping tool

To build your dashboard, we need to understand a bit of your workflow. In order to show metrics that reflect your specific way of working, we need to know when the work is started on a task, and when it's completed. 

Use the mapping tool to map your Jira workflow to Not startedIn progress, and Done. You can find the mapping tool at Settings ► Workflow in the Setup menu.

mapping tool.png

In the beginning, the unmapped box contains all the columns in your Jira board. Drag the columns that form your workflow from unmapped to one of the three boxes: 

  • Not started = Work to be done (your backlog)
  • In progress = Work started but not completed
  • Done = Completed work

It's ok to leave some of the columns unmapped if you feel they are not part of your workflow.

That's it! 

If you change the columns in your Jira board afterwards, you will see a red icon in the setup menu notifying you to review your mapping. 

When you click Settings, you will be directed to the mapping tool to review your mapping. The Jira columns that have been added since the mapping was done are associated with an exclamation mark. Move them to one of the three boxes or leave them unmapped. Clicking Save will remove the notification.