Stacked Area Chart

The Stacked Area chart shows you how your work is split across different activities. Each colored area corresponds to a type of activity, such as a bug fix or a new feature. How is the time distributed between different activities?

See the distribution of work done by work type

The stacked area chart shows each grouped item, such as assignees or labels, as a separate color. The vertical axis (y-axis) shows the totals per day. Data is grouped so that you can see how much each part of the whole contributed to the total. Grouping can be done by any available property in your task data, including custom fields. You can see the overall trend by looking at the shape of the chart. Is it ascending or descending? Are you spending most of your efforts on meaningful activities?

Create from template and customize

You can create this chart with just a few clicks using a template. Then, you can customize it further using the chart editor and by adjusting the chart settings.