How to add new data sources to existing dashboards?

If your tasks are scattered across several boards or projects, you may want to combine the data from multiple sources into a single chart.

You can add a new board or project to your dashboard by clicking on ADDAdd new data source under the main menu. If the source is not already added, click add new data source and follow these steps:


1. Authorize your tool

2. Map your workflow

3. Select the screens from your current dashboard that should include the data from the new data source


Click Save and return to dashboard to complete the process.

The newly added source is now visible. You can see that a new source has been added by looking at the upper left corner of your screen.


Removing data sources

You can unselect a board or project that you have previously added. Make sure you are currently on the screen where the source has been selected, then go to Configure this view ▶ Sources ▶ Edit and unselect the one(s) you want to exclude. Click Save to complete the process.