Authorise access to the Jira API

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When creating a new dashboard, you'll be asked to provide URL to your Jira instance and the login credentials. 

To authorise access to the Jira API, you need to provide the base URL of your Jira instance. If you're a Jira Cloud user, the base URL is the part that ends with e.g. 

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If you're using Jira Server, the base URL depends on your domain configuration so you may need to consult your Jira admin in case you're unsure (although it's ok to use a trial and error too. If you enter incorrect URL you'll just get an error message). 

You have two options for providing access credentials. If you are using Jira Cloud, the recommended way is to use tokens for authentication. Alternatively, you can use Jira credentials of any existing Jira user. 

For maximum security, you can create a dedicated user with limited access.

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