What is Backlog size?

Backlog size measures the number of work items that are not yet started at a given time. It provides visibility into the volume of unfinished work.

Track the amount of unfinished work in your projects and how that changes as your work progresses. Monitoring backlog size helps in balancing workloads. Spikes may indicate capacity issues.

Who benefits from tracking Backlog size?

  • Teams - Understand current workload and capacity needs.

  • Managers - Ensure work is moving smoothly, identify bottlenecks.

  • Organizations - Gain insights into team workload and trends over time.

  • Customers - Size reflects speed of request resolution. Smaller is faster.

How to track Backlog size with Screenful?

Create a custom chart with the following parameters:

Chart type: Line chart

Unit: Tasks

Metric: Open (Not started & In progress)

Filter: Mapped state Is any of Not started