Drumroll… 🥁 Introducing Scaled: One Power-Up to rule them all

Nov 30, 2019

Now that the gift-sharing time is approaching, we have good news to tell for our Trello users. We’ve added another free Power-Up to our growing set of free goodies. Scaled by Screenful, now available in the Power-Ups directory, provides all-in-one toolkit to your Trello boards to enable tracking work in scale.

Let’s be straight: you don’t need this Power-Up if you only work on a single Trello board. You can stop reading.

However, if you’ve worked with multiple boards you know how difficult it can get to stay on tracks on how things are progressing. If you’ve used Trello in a multi-board setup you might be familiar with some of these issues:

  • How to link together cards between different boards that are thematically related?

  • How to see the progress of your work as your team completes tasks?

  • How set set dependencies between cards? How to see if two cards are related or one needs to be completed before the other?

  • How to plan your work and create roadmaps?

The Scaled Power-Up was built for solving these challenges. Once you’ve taken it to a daily use, you quickly start wondering how you were ever able to work without having these capabilities on your boards!

This add-on was built for companies and teams who use Trello in scale. If you work on a single Trello board you probably don’t need this. But If you have multiple teams working on multiple boards you’ll love it. This add-on provides you the ability to track work on higher level with epics, dependencies, estimates, and priorities.

Technically it combines the functionalities of our popular free Power-Ups: Epic Cards, Card Dependencies, Card Size, and Card Priority. However they play together more seamlessly than when used as individual add-ons.

This is a stand-alone Power-Up, which means that there is no 3rd party server involved and therefore no data is sent outside Trello. All data is stored within the Trello itself. So your data is secure.

Learn more about the functionalities from this blog post or just add it to your board.

We will keep this Power-Up free for the foreseeable future. if you're interested in more detailed analytics and charting of your Trello data, we also have a paid product, which you can try out for free.

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This article was written by Sami Linnanvuo

Sami is the founder & CEO of Screenful, the company that turns data into visual stories. You can find him on Twitter.