Measuring lead and cycle times from your Trello boards

Tracking your lead and cycle times help you to understand how quickly your cards move across your Trello board. If your cards represent user stories, then it tells you how quickly you can deliver new features to the users of your product, and allows you to answer questions like

How long will it take to have a feature delivered to end users after it was added to backlog?


Three steps to predictable software delivery - part 3 - Ensuring a steady flow of work

Workflow is the process that a company uses to get things done. In software development, it’s a process that creates software, from early specifications all the way down to production deployment. While it is not a secret that software development is often chaotic, there are ways to make it more predictable. Or at least a bit more predictable as it used to be, by applying some small incremental improvements. 

Three steps to predictable software delivery - Part 2 - Empowering the people

One of the biggest changes that a company faces when transitioning to the agile mindset, is the empowerment of the team. For some, it can come as a surprise that there may be less people telling how to do things than previously. There are only as many as the team needs. That’s because the team is self-organising and it will let management know if external resources are needed. 

5 Easy Ways to Improve your Software Development Process

Everyone gets pleasure from ticking tasks off of the todo-list, right? At least, I do. But it’s no longer fun when you feel like you’re drowning in work with too many things to do, or feel like you’re trying to juggle too many balls at once. That’s what kills motivation and creates unhappy employees. But it doesn’t have to be that way – more often than not, situations like this can be avoided!